Work info

Specializing in designs of collectible dolls, and figurines.  Creatingoriginal artist dolls in porcelain and polymer clay; designing and sculpting finished models of collectible dolls and action figures for major toy and collectables manufacturers, including Hasbro/Hasbro Europe, Fisher Price, Franklin Mint, Hamilton Group, Ashton-Drake, Georgetown & Danbury. Illustrating and designing products for the collectables markets. 

Creating portraits in Conte crayon and pastel for private clients.


Designed and sculpted “Sindy” and “Paul” dolls for Hasbro Europe.

Doll of the Year Awards (DOTY) from Doll Readers Magazine for portrait dolls:  “Scarlet O’Hara” and “Melanie”

Doll of the Year Award   (DOTY) from Doll Reader’s Magazine for “Alexander” doll.

Winner of 1st prize in its category 1997 Santa Fe International Doll Art Show for “Alexander” doll

People’s Choice Award from Doll Readers Magazine for one of a kind art doll:  “Hawkeye”